About Us

«Expacom» Ltd was founded in 2005. The main office of the company is located in Odessa, South region of Ukraine. Our company is a strong mid-size Exporter of high quality grains and pulses from Ukraine. Since its establishment, company obtained good reputation and established strong and fruitful partnership with companies, both in Ukraine and abroad. Today we do contract growing and source our ee products from large number of farmers and suppliers in all major growing areas of Ukraine. «Expacom» Ltd proved own reliability as partner with many grain elevators and processing enterprises in Ukraine, develops and keeps up communication with consumers of the Ukrainian market products in the coun- tries of Europe and Asia.

Our company guarantee the highest quality of our products by supervising whole supply chain from every part of the country, we only buy raw materials after inspection at the farm site, cleaning, processing and packing is done under our supervision at partner facilities in Central Ukraine and Odessa district, we do ail forwarding and customs procedure by own skilled staff. Also we making freight booking ourselves to avoid extra costs and bring reliable supply in terms of quality, schedule and destinations. Our storage facilities allows to save the best quality of grain for its realization at any time. We provide the whole-year trouble-free shipping of commodity. The motto of our company is the fast, reliable and advantageous solution of all questions, guarantee of quality of the provided services.


— Confidence in success of the corporation, integrity and professionalism of its employees.

— Entrepreneurship, autonomy, willingness to take responsibility.

– Constant search for implementation of innovations in all areas of the corporation.

— We are responsible for environmental friendliness and results of our business.

When delivering grains and oil-bearing culture products to the Customers, “Expacom” Ltd controls, carries out and executes following stages:

  • Contract cultivation of certain cultures.
  • Quality control of grain products at warehouse of farmer.
  • Delivery of products from the field or warehouse of farmer to transshipment complex.
  • Quality control of the incoming products by the laboratory of complex.
  • Primary purification, drying of products, bringing them in accordance with the export contract specification.
  • Final revision of the quality for Clients with the enhanced requirements.
  • Packing of products on-site of complex.
  • Logistic.
  • Certification of cargo (execution of the forwarding department of our company).
  • Custom registration of cargo (execution of the custom depart-ment of our company).
  • Delivery of products in containers and/or by trucks from the complex of our company “to the door” of Consignee in Europe or to Container Yard in Asia.

Export of grain and oil-bearing cultures in marine containers – delivery at any place all over the world.

It is the most advantageous method of cargo delivery, differs by lower cost as compared to bulkers and gives possibility of shipping by small consignments.

Our company established good relations between the participants of the process that allows communicating in right direction and finding best routing which will minimize delivery terms. Company achieves good results due to professional activity of skilled specialists which have an experience how to operate by grain flow at the internal and overseas markets.

“Expacom” Ltd provides control of all steps of grain process in the chain “Field – Warehouse of agricultural producer -Transshipment Complex»; this is guarantee of pur-chased and supplied commodity’s quality on all phases of purchase and delivery of the commodity to the end recipient.

Enormous attention is spared to the quality of supplied products, products are machine-cleaned, and their quality indexes correspond to the PURITY – 99%. Three quarters from the general export goods turnover are constituted by a commodity which is supplied in packing.

Reloading capacity of the terminal for export shipping of grain and oil-bearing cargos makes 5000 tons per month. Here any type of containers and trucks can be loaded at high speed for further shipping through marine port or for direct ship-ment to the countries of European Union. Custom clearance reduce cost and significantly save time of this procedure compare to busy customs at sea ports of the country.

Fertile Ukrainian black earths which are spreading out around and close to the busy transporting arteries, two deep-water port predetermined main activity of the region; it is production and processing of agricuttura products. The technological process of production and processing is inalienable part of our activity.

At Expacom, we always communicate with our customers. We know our customers and they know us. We don’t just talk about our next transaction, we talk about our businesses about our partnership. It is very important for us to do everything possible to satisfy our client’s needs.

Each client is engaged in different types of activities, respectively, and all have their own requests. Therefore, individual communication with each client is very important for us. We are confident that we can meet your needs… once we get to know you.